Executive Committee

Between meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee exercises full authority in conducting Association business to the extent provided in the Bylaws. The committee is made up of the President, who acts as Chair; President-Elect; Immediate Past-President; Treasurer; six Vice-Presidents; Chairs of the Councils; and Chair of Water Research Foundation; and the Executive Director, who serves as secretary.


The President is the chief elected officer of the Association and presides at all Board and Executive Committee meetings and at the Opening General Session of the annual conference. He/she accedes to office for a term of one year after serving as President-Elect. An additional year is served as Immediate Past President. 

At each winter Board meeting, the Board electors elect a President-Elect, Vice-Presidents to fill any vacancies and one or two Directors-at-Large. Each fourth year, a Treasurer, nominated by the Executive Committee, is confirmed by the Board. The Presidential Officers are the President, President-Elect and Immediate Past-President.

Board of Directors

Establishing policies for the overall management and direction of Association affairs is the responsibility of the Board. The Board is comprised of the President, who acts as chair; President-Elect; Immediate Past-President; Treasurer; the Chair of each Council; Chair of Water Research Foundation; one or more Directors elected by each of the 43 AWWA sections, six of whom also serve as Vice-Presidents; four Directors-at-Large; and the Executive Director, who serves as secretary. 

Board members serve for three years. Regular Board meetings are held in January and at the annual conference.