Students & Young Professionals

Students & Young Professionals

You are the future of the water industry! AWWA student and young professional members engage in programs, utilize resources, and connect with other water professionals through Association opportunities, as well as through their local Section, which helps them cultivate a successful career in water.





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Mark Theiler: Asst. Superintendent, 26 is 'true water geek'
Job and Employer:  Assistant Superintendent of Water Quality for Middlesex Water Company in New Jersey Educational background: B.S. in chemical engineering from Rutgers University Daily duties:  Manage day-to-day operations at all treatment facilities, including the CJO Surface Water Treatment Plant, and oversee compliance and laboratory procedures.  What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on? We are currently working on upgrades to the treatment plant including a new ozone generation system as well as conversion of our filters to biologically active filtration. What is something unexpected you learned on the job?  The significance of clarity and concision when communicating with your team, especially during emergency events. I have also learned about the surprisingly abundant eel population in the D&R canal (our source water) which often show up in our clarifiers.  Can you give an example of an emergency event when clarity was particularly important? I previously served as an emergency response coordinator for the NJDEP, where we were often involved with coordinating between multiple agencies/departments. Effectively receiving and relaying information was crucial in assessing the operational status of water systems and understanding resource needs, especially during storm events such as ...
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