Assignment of the Continuing Education Unit and Professional Development Hour

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) supports the use of the continuing education unit (CEU) and the professional development hour (PDH) as standard units of measurement in continuing education and training programs.  These measurements are widely used and recognized for training, and serve in attaining and retaining relevant professional licenses and certifications. 

The CEU and PDH were designed and are widely accepted as standard units of measurement to facilitate the accumulation and exchange of information about individual participation in continuing education. They are used internationally for recognizing, recording, reporting, and meeting certification requirements.

Adopted by the Board of Directors May 16, 1982. Revised June 14, 1987, Jan. 26, 1992, Feb. 2, 1997, June 21, 1998, Nov. 3, 2007, and Jan. 23, 2011.  Reaffirmed Jan. 24, 2015, June 11, 2017.