CE Credits


About CE Credits

CE Credits are required to renew licenses. States and provinces use different labels.  AWWA awards CEU Credits.

AWWA recommends you verify requirements with your state and province licensing agency prior to receive credit for your training's. If you would like to know which training's have been submitted for pre-approvals, please email Education Services.



Calculate Hours

CE Credits

1.0 CEU = 10 Contact Hours

1 Contact Hour = 60 minutes of instruction (not including breaks)

How to convert CEUs:

  • Convert CHs to CEUs by dividing CHs by 10 (e.g., 3.5 CHs = 0.35 CEUs)
  • If value is past tenth place, round up or down (0.35 becomes 0.4 CEUs; 0.72 becomes 0.7 CEUs).
  • Use Credit Label Conversion Chart for converting AWWA CE Credits into other labels.
Professional Development Hours (PDHS)

1 PDH = 60 min

  • AWWA does not record PDHs, maintain records or provide certificates because agencies allow manual documentation
  • AWWA does provide a form for students to manually track their PDHs
  • Agencies can convert CE Credits into PDHs: 1.0 CEUs = 10 PDHs


How do I print my CE Credits certificate?

  • Login or register on the website. If you are having problems, please call 800.926.7337 or email Customer Service for assistance.
  • Click “My Account.”
  • Click “My Transcript Information.”
  • To print your official transcript, click “Print list.”
  • To print certificates, click “Download certificate.”


FREE CE Credits Transcript Reporting Tool

Store your CE Credits all in one place with the CE Credit reporting tool. You can print your AWWA certificates, sorting by program or date range (goes back SEVEN years). You can even use the transcript as an official document! 

To Access Your Transcript

  • Log-in or register on the website. If you are having problems, please call 800.926.7337 or email Customer Service for assistance. 
  • Click “My Account”
  • Click “My Transcript Information” (record maintained for seven years) 

Transcript Contains Two Consolidated Records

CE Credits entered by AWWA 

  • Entered for trainings (conferences, webinars, seminars, eLearning). 
  • Yes or no in AWWA verified column on transcript indicates credit entered by AWWA 
  • AWWA can only verify credits entered by AWWA headquarters. 

Customer-entered CE Credits 

  • Add CE Credits, PDHs and other credits awarded by AWWA’s Sections or non-AWWA HQ training.


You may be awarded CEUs for AWWA trainings by your licensing agency. While trainings may be pre-approved for CE Credits in a given state/province, this does not mean that your agency will award you credit. AWWA recommends that you:

  • Contact the agency 30 days prior to attending training
  • Ask your agency about its relevancy criteria
  • Find out what credit the agency approves
  • Find out what you need to do in order to receive credit
  • Find out whether you must submit an application prior to attending or submit handouts, etc., after training

Which Programs Offer CE Credits?


AWWA provides CE Credits for all training's. We work with most water and wastewater licensing agencies to obtain pre-approvals for our training's.  

To receive CE Credits for a training, attendees are required to register accordingly based on the training type and review the requirements in the continuing education section of the training materials.

Online Courses are filed based on student requests. Many of the courses included in our subscription package have been filed for pre-approval in all 50 states. Instructor-led courses are filed based on student requests. 

Webinars are filed based on attendee demand. 

Seminars are filed based on attendee demand. 

In order to receive CEU Certificates of Completion, attendees need to complete the requirements outlined in the events highlights informational sections.


For credits information or questions, please email Education Services.