Small Systems

Resources for Small Systems

Operating costs, aging infrastructure and increasing regulatory compliance are just some of the difficulties that utilities have to face on a daily basis, and smaller systems often have to face these issues with fewer resources. Our goal is to provide assistance and resources to help ease the burden. 


Free Small Systems Training

Technical, financial and managerial training is available to help small public water systems maintain compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. 

Training is available for small public water systems, either community or non-community, serving a population of 10,000 persons or fewer.

Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance Training

More training sessions coming soon!

Small Systems Resources

AWWA Small Systems Field Guide, Water and Wastewater

Operators of small water systems do it all. This handy field guide provides all the day-to-day information needed to operate small water and wastewater systems.

M54 Developing Rates for Small Systems

M54 gives you the step-by-step guidance you need to determine your revenue requirements, analyze your rates for different customer classes, develop a financial plan, and design a better rate structure. 

A100-15 Water Wells

This standard covers the minimum requirements for vertical water supply wells, including geologic and hydrologic conditions and water quality and well construction.  Application of this standard is not limited by well depth.

G100-17 Water Treatment Plant Operation and Management

This ANSI-approved standard describes the critical requirements for the effective operation and management of drinking water treatment plants.