AWWA believes military members are a good fit for the water sector because of their technical expertise and experience working nontraditional hours in a regulated environment.        

The goal of the Veterans Workforce Initiative is to help Veterans secure jobs in the water industry. Volunteers from AWWA Sections are available to network with Veterans and help connect them to the water sector. Interested Veterans and/or volunteers should e-mail for more information. 

The Veterans Workforce Initiative has developed toolkits for employers looking to hire Veterans and flyers for Veterans interested in the water sector. Click here to access toolkits or visit


Operator Licensing Requirements Across the United States

This report, offered now only to AWWA members, catalogues licensing requirements for water and wastewater operators across all 50 states to determine opportunities for and barriers to cross-training. Need-to-know criteria (NTKC) were identified by state to help operators prepare for certification examination, identify states that use Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) NTKC criteria, develop their own criteria, or have a combination of two.

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AWWA Conference Presentations and Papers


Succession Planning Workshop

Developing a Roadmap for Leadership and Succession Planning 2.0: A Collaborative Approach
Presentations originally developed for the 2017 Utility Management Conference


Baywork is a consortium of California Bay Area water/wastewater agencies and shareholders with a shared commitment to ensuring operational reliability through workforce reliability. Baywork is actively engaged in helping agencies provide their employees with the skills and knowledge they need to do reliable work. The organization has identified seven mission-critical career categories and provides an array of resources to support training for each including documentation and videos from past workshops, webinars and training events. 

The following resources comprise a toolkit describing programs and tools in five interrelated processes. However, differentiation of these concepts has proven useful to many utilities in designing their knowledge transfer programs.


How-To Guides


Knowledge Transfer Toolkit



Search decades of archived articles published in Journal AWWA and Opflow on this and many other related topics.