Business Practices
Business Practices

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AWWA is an excellent resource for managing your utility more effectively. Our global community of water professionals can offer helpful insights and best practices to make your job easier. We also provide technical resources and specialized trainings to make daily tasks more manageable. Our eLearning courses help you sharpen your skills and make intelligent management choices.

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Committee Report: 
Business Practices to Help Utilities 
Better Manage Assets

In AWWA’s 2015 study for the State of the Water Industry report, a number of gaps were found in regard to utility asset management strategies. To address these issues, utilities can use this committee report to find best practices, examples and resources to help improve their asset management.

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Sustainable Infrastructure Practices Report

A 2014 survey was conducted to determine the sustainable infrastructure practices of North American water and wastewater utilities. The survey results and findings gained from 130 responding utilities are documented in this informative report, along with two case studies highlighting the practices of a water utility and a wastewater utility. Learn how utilities responded to questions about drivers, technologies, tools, metrics, and influencing factors.

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Hypochlorite Assessment Model

Get our predictive modeling tool for identifying levels of perchlorate and chlorate in stored bulk hypochlorite solutions.

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Enhance your management skills with eLearning courses


Planning the Utility

Learn about different types of utility plans, capital improvement projects and communication techniques.


Building the Utility

Discover how capital projects are constructed, including the best processes for bidding, designing and building.