Finance and Rates

Ensure your rates are meeting your utility and customer needs

financialAWWA helps you find solutions that reduce operating costs and promote the value of water – all while providing outstanding service to your customers. Before you restructure your rates, be sure to check out our annual Rates and Charges Survey to see how you compare to similar-sized utilities in your region. You can also turn to us for answers on infrastructure financing and water affordability



Utilities in the water industry must meet their operational, maintenance, and capital needs mainly though revenue from services that are delivered with expensive, complex, and regulated infrastructure. Utility systems have no margin for failure as there is an expectation they will provide uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As such, the cash reserves maintained by a utility are a critical component of its financial sustainability.

This report identifies various types of financial reserves, including policy guidelines and examples, and is intended to assist utilities in establishing appropriate formal or informal reserve policies based upon the unique considerations and circumstances of their respective system.