Water Quality

What We Do

Water quality is a global issue that requires continuous research, evaluation and scrutiny. Explore the latest research, information and technology for improving water quality in a continually changing environment.




Toxin-producing cyanobacteria blooms are a growing concern for water utilities that use surface water supplies across the country. These resources can help utilities make informed decisions about how to limit exposure to cyanotoxins.

Health Effects

Explore current resources, tools, issues, and developments related to health effects from contaminants in water.


Explore resources to reduce the risk for Legionella growing and spreading within building water systems.

Source Water Protection

Source water protection encompasses protecting drinking water sources from contamination and pollution, such as from agricultural runoff, and is key to sustaining safe and reliable drinking water supplies.

Emergency Preparedness

Explore some of the hazards water utilities face, and how to develop comprehensive emergency preparedness programs to avoid or minimize the adverse impacts of any emergency.

How Water Works

View AWWA’s illustrated series on the processes, and technology used in water and wastewater systems.

Membrane Process and Technology

Advances in membrane technology are being implemented by communities, businesses, and innovators responding to changing water demands and supplies, as well as the need for efficiency and sustainability.


Learn more about stormwater management, green infrastructure, and low impact development.


Learn more about groundwater supplies, storage, and recharge.


AWWA members have worked to protect consumers against lead in drinking water for many years, creating scores of helpful communications, technical and public policy resources.


Water reuse is a viable approach to address existing and anticipated water shortages. Discover resources to augment and sustain a community’s available water supply.


Explore to see how to best manage wastewater treatment, to optimize operations and prevent impairment of drinking water sources.