Water Resources

What We Do

Effective management of water resources allows a utility to cultivate a diverse supply portfolio, arranging diversified water sources vital to meeting future water demands, ensuring public health, and providing economic and environmental sustainability.



Climate Change

Prepare and adapt to the critical effects that climate change can have on water supply.


Learn more about groundwater supplies, storage, and recharge.


Discover a sustainable and integrated approach to stormwater management.


Discover the latest resources on desalination and concentrate management.


Water reuse is a viable approach to address existing and anticipated water shortages. Discover resources to augment and sustain a community’s available water supply.


Preparing water systems to operate sustainably helps utilities optimize processes in terms of the triple bottom line: environmental impact, social aspects, and economics.


Prepare your utility to respond to ongoing and future water shortages resulting from drought.

Source Water Protection

Source water protection encompasses protecting drinking water sources from contamination and pollution, such as from agricultural runoff, and is key to sustaining safe and reliable drinking water supplies.

Water Conservation

Water conservation involves long-term improvements in water use efficiency and is critical to ensuring an adequate water supply today and for future generations.