Technical & Educational Council

A Better World Through Better Water

AWWA’s Technical and Educational Council (TEC) is the water sector’s technical voice providing knowledge, research, and solutions to effectively manage water through policy statements, publications, conferences, workshops, webinars, online courses and research. Subject matter experts from around the world contribute to the technical leadership of AWWA through the work of eight Divisions responsible for advancing AWWA activities in engineering, operation and management, water quality, small systems, water sustainability, water resource management and management of water utilities.


The TEC is composed of water industry subject matters experts representing all facets of water. The Council includes industry leaders, utilities of all sizes and both municipal and private ownership, and attention is given to ensure widespread diversity and geographic representation in TEC membership. The current Chair of the TEC is Chi Ho Sham with ERG, Inc. in Boston, Mass. The TEC also has a Vice Chair position, and ad hoc committees are formed as needed to provide technical guidance.

TEC Divisions  

Under the guidance of the Technical and Educational Council are eight Divisions. Under the supervision of the divisions are more than 65 working committees.

  • Distribution & Plant Operations
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Small Systems
  • Management & Leaderships
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Quality & Technology
  • Water Resource Sustainability
  • Water Science and Research

Technical Project Funding

The TEC through membership dollars funds technical and educational research projects to support the activities of the Association.  Projects approved for 2019 include:
Roadmap for a Next-generation Non-revenue Water Information Management and Assessment System
This project represents a continuation of the progress achieved in the 2018 TEC project, “Assessment of Performance Indicators for Non-revenue Water Target-setting and Progress Tracking.” The 2018 TEC project is identifying an enhanced group of performance indicators that will supersede dated indicators and advance utility water loss control efforts. As phase 2, the 2019 project will incorporate refinement of the technical basis developed in the 2018 project for the analytics capabilities to be included within the roadmap for the “Next Generation” system. In addition, this project will develop the framework for an enhanced Non-revenue water (NRW) target-setting and performance tracking information system.
ATP & Coliform Analysis Comparison for Infrastructure Release for Service
This project is intended as a preliminary study to determine if an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) analysis is a suitable risk assessment analysis for operational guidance that may be used as an alternate method for releasing newly installed water mains for service, releasing mains for service after breaks, and releasing treated water storage reservoirs for service after cleaning, disinfection, and/or maintenance.


TEC Supports Research

AWWA’s A.P. Black and Academic Achievement candidates are reviewed by the Water Science and Research Division from dozens of applications.  The A.P. Black Scholarship recognizes a body of work by a single individual and the Academic Achievement Award recognizes important university doctoral and graduate research.

If you are interested in learning more about the TEC, it’s Divisions, or Committees, please email us.