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Water Equation Celebrates Community Engineering Corp
At ACE18, Lynn Williams Stephens from Brown and Caldwell was awarded our 2017 Community Engineering Corps award recipient, Lynn Williams Stephens from Brown and Caldwell! Lynn helped launch the CECorps effort in 2015 in the Pacific Northwest Section. Lynn helped develop projects that included two at-risk elementary schools that needed assistance with water quality and treatment issues, as well as a third project for underserved at-risk water company in the Olympic Peninsula with difficult source water quality. Thank you, Lynn, for all of your hard work and congratulations!
AWWA scholarship unlocks opportunities for water treatment innovator
Developing innovative water treatment solutions to protect the fragile environment is a life passion for Jay Werber, a past recipient of the American Water Works Association’s Abel Wolman Fellowship. Werber, 31, completed his doctorate degree at Yale University in June 2018, focusing on membrane materials for water treatment. He is now a post-doctoral associate in a polymer chemistry lab at the University of Minnesota. “I’m driven by working on problems that are intellectually interesting and matter to society,” he said. “Just being the age that I am and looking at climate change and environmental issues, I find water to be one of the biggest problems our society faces and something I want to work on for the rest of my career.” Born in Maryland, Werber grew up in Chicago and went to high school in Pennsylvania. He earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with a minor in biology at Washington University, then worked at a biotech company where he purified protein therapeutics using chromatography and membrane filtration. To pursue his interest in bettering the environment through advanced membrane materials, Werber earned his ...
AWWA's Water Equation receives major gift from Denver water
Colorado students pursuing careers in the water industry will have new opportunities to assist with educational costs through a scholarship fund created by Denver Water through AWWA’s Water Equation.
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